Location-Alla Vigna  Room only


              Alla Vigna, situated in historic centre of Venice, is a place that dates back to 1500 and which faces one of the most beautiful squares ( Campo) in Venice. Campo di San Francesco Della Vigna in the Castello area.  In the square, you find a church built by Jacopo Sansovino in 1534 and is one of the most beautiful of it's kind in Venice. Constructed for the Francescan monks. It was completed in 1554 . It was then entrusted to Andrea Palldio ten years later. It is now possible admire the alar painting by Dolfin and the Holy Conversation by Giovanni Bellini. Legend has it that the evangelist Marco found refuge there, blessed by and angel with words Pax tibi Marce Evangelista meus, which became the motto of the Serenissima. Today in the two cloisters, contemporary events and concerts are held and sometime they are used as a pavilion to exibit art for the Venice Biennale.